I am currently creating two types of two-dimensional art: mono-print and acrylic painting.

  • Mono-prints are original pieces which I print on paper from a plate using acrylic paint.  They are roughly 8x10, unmatted and unframed, but ready for either.  Price - $25 each.

  • Acrylic paintings are created with acrylic paints on either stretched canvas or cradle board.  They come ready to hang with hooks and wires.  You can also frame them if you so desire.  Prices range from $45 up.

The pieces below are grouped by type - first mono-prints (identifiable by a GP number), then acrylic paintings.  Click on an image to see it enlarged.

Mono-prints        Price:  $25 unframed.

GP 46

GP 48

GP 53

GP 51

GP 49

GP 58

GP 56

GP 54

GP 63

GP 45

GP 62

GP 61

Acrylic painting     Price:  $45 and up.



Storm blowing in  (20x20)  $200
Storm blowing in (20x20) $200
Red Illusion  (12x12)  $45
Red Illusion (12x12) $45
Lake Impressions  (10x10)  $45
Lake Impressions (10x10) $45
Blue Sunset (10x10)  $45
Blue Sunset (10x10) $45
Last Minutes of the Day  (16x16)  $300
Last Minutes of the Day (16x16) $300
Red Beach (12x18)  $45
Red Beach (12x18) $45
Dark Beach  (12x14)  $45
Dark Beach (12x14) $45