Cairns mark a new beginning

The image on the background of my blog page is a cairn or purposely stacked stones. When someone creates a cairn it is with purpose and mindfulness. I find the image helpful as I look at the creative process with my new work. After the confines of running business it is wonderful freedom to be able to work with new materials. The constraints of custom work are gone so that I can let the creative spirit feel more free to move.

Cairns, or stacked stones, mark a place as special or holy. As I work in my new studio with new materials and a new freedom I am aware of being in a special time and place in my creative life. Hopefully the work itself will convey this spirit to the observer.

Thanks for visiing my blog page. This is the first on my brand new website ! My goal is to post every two weeks to a month depending on events. Browse the new website and let me know what you think. I value your comments. Betsy

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