Santa Reunion

Christmas is a busy time for everyone. If Santas are what you make, then Christmas is a REALLY busy time! The clay Santas were part of my work to-do list for more than 20 years.

After closing my clay productions two years ago I noticed that my "museum" contained no Santas from my yearly production. How did that happen??!! Big oversight.

Change of scene - driving in the car with my husband who loves garage/barn sales. Old tools, you know. So we stopped at an estate sale not far from our house. While he checked out the tools, I wandered through the house. The owner of the home evidently collected Santas. There amidst many other lovely Santas was one of mine! Jackpot! I grabbed it and hung on for dear life. All his decorations were gone, but his quilt coat was bright and cheerful.

And - very soon - he was fully outfitted!

Now I have one of my own favorite designs - but I had to buy it!

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