Creating a new Santa

Santa as figure and lore has been part of my work since 1994 when I made the first clay Santas. When I relocated my gallery to Ada from Grand Rapids the move was quite stressful. Throwing functional ware on the wheel was not very successful at that time. So I turned to the Santas and found I could make them easily. In the former blog is a photo of one of the Santas . Evolution of design elements varied but they were quite similar over time.

So now comes the needle felting. Evidently I wasn't finished making Santas because here they came again. Because of their size ( some as large as 14 inches) I had to create new construction techniques to accommodate their size. The felt gives me much more freedom in terms of detail as compared to clay. They are great fun to make and people seem drawn to them. No doubt I'll keep making them for awhile yet !

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